Are you thinking of selling? Here are some tips:

- Make sure your property presents well for inspections- beds made, tidy rooms, washing up done or put dishes in dishwasher, empty the rubbish bin, no cobwebs, windows clean. A clean house is always more attractive to buyers

- Ensure lawns are mowed and gardens tidy.

- Unclutter your home. 

- Make sure there is no outstanding maintenance- eg holes in walls patched and painted etc

- Open windows, especially in summer. No one likes stale air, particularly more so particularly in a nome with pets or smokers

- Switch lights on. Go through each room and think to see what lighting showcases your home best. More light is usually better than less. Thats why photographers photograph room with lights on and post edit the photos so they look much brighter.

- Turn off the TV.  You dont want to distract or annoy buyers inspecting your home. If you choose music then play some gentle and soft background music. This is especially helpful if your home is close to a busy road.

- Remember if you have engaged an experienced and licensed agent to sell your property its best to leave them do it. When the agent has an inspection then ensure they are left alone to give time for the buyers to fall in love with your home. Often if owners are at home with inspections then buyers will often feel rushed and leave early

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