Guide to Renting

Here is a guide on what to do to apply for a rental property.

You see a property online that suits your needs and you contact the agent for an inspection. The agent will usually conduct "Rental Inspections" where a property is usually open for inspection for prospective tenants. These rental inspections are usually a lot shorter in time than a sale property open house however there may be more people inspecting the property. Rental property viewings are set for a time and will not usually last more than Ten minutes.

Applications can either be collected at the open house or on the internet or available at our Agency.

Please ensure that the Application is completed in full prior to submitting your application, make sure it has ALL the supporting information, including proof of income and photo ID, and fill out the application as neatly as possilbe. 

Please note that we will only process applications that provide all supporting information. It is best that you compile your application all together and submit it once only.

We do try to process application for tenancies as soon as possible however where there are many applications sometimes unfortunately it takes time to process applications.

We will endeavour to get in touch with you whether your application for tenancy was approved or not.

Please also be aware that we do not hold applications. If you require your documents back then please let us know otherwise the documents with the application will be schredded.