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Property Services

Why choose us to manage your property? We offer comprehensive property management services at very competitive rates, and believe that our office, a small family orientated office will look after your property to the standard you require. It is our personalised service which is often sought in today's times. Our office specialises in Property Management which gives owners more peace of mind in having us handle their investment property.

Quality Photography

How many times do you look at properties for rent and come away disappointed? Other competitors often display 3 or 4 photographs, often badly taken and displayed without pride. Then look at our site. Quality photography, external photos taken the right time of day, often an aerial image is displayed for Kingscliff and Fingal properties, and multiple internal photos taken with the right photographic equipmenbt by staff who take pride in their photographys when the property is vacant with the right lighting and exposure. With all this at no extra cost why go elsewhere?

Unique Videography

Videography new in property marketing. Most agents dont do videos as they dont know how, and cant be bothered to learn, and often get other professionals do do it for them. Even some photographers dont do videos and instead use still photos to produce a slideshow in video format. At Kiingscliff Sales and Rentals we have the right equipment to produce quality property videos and we produce them accordingly and display these in youtube and then embed them in the site. With a massive 14,000+ video views since January 2011 we must be doing something right! With quality photos taken by us and a video the whole property experience is taken to the next level to expose your property to as many possible tenants.


Our rate for management fees are very competitive and we would be pleased to supply a quotation for a Permanent Rental.

Letting/ Reletting Fees

Our letting fee to locate a suitable tenant is one week's rental (+GST) for the first tenancy and thereafter a week's rental for re-letting. If we take over a management with a tenant in place then there is no letting fee payable.

Lease fees

The standard fee is charged upon signing a lease of $30 of which the tenant pays half.

Statement / Postage Charges

This office does not charge any monthly statement charges or postage charges.

Special Instructions

All owners are sent a questionnaire (Property Information and Detail Summary) which outlines all general property management instructions and property history so our office is able to manage the property in a similar way that you would manage it yourself. This assists us greatly in managing the property and can save many calls for day to day requests from lessees.


Our office if fully computerized. This includes our property management program and banking system. Our office of course has fax and email facilities and our own website as well as other websites.

Residential Services

Our property management services include the following:

  • marketing the rental property
  • showing the property to prospective tenants
  • the application process
  • confirming a prospective tenant's application
  • checking with you where possible prior to the tenant/s signing the lease.
  • Signing the lease and all associated documentation

The lease and all documents associated with the lease are filled out and completed in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. Our office is a member of TICA, and has access to the Tenancy Information Centre Australasia, a database of default tenants.


A bond of 4 weeks is taken from the tenant on or before signing the Lease and is lodged with the Rental Bond Board in Sydney

Statements and Remittance

We use a windows based property management system, which is easily understood. Our agency provides you with a monthly statement and remittance into your account is done twice monthly (provided your bank account details given). In addition our office can pay the outgoings (such as rate notices and strata fees for units) and any maintenance undertaken on the property.

Landlord Insurance

We encourage owners consider a landord's insurance policy when renting a property, which will provide peace of mind in renting your property. For strata title units, as the body corporate covers insurance of the external of the building, this is the only other insurance you will require for your property as most landlord insurance policies also cover tenant liability and contents to the value of $45,000.00

Tenancy Legislation

Our office is fully conversant with all aspects of the Residential Tenancy Act and its legislation as well as the recently introduced Privacy Act. Choosing a tenant and managing your property has to be undertaken by operating within this legislation. Our office offers a superior and cost effective property management services to manage your investment property.

Other Conditions

We include a number of other special conditions in the lease, mostly gained from years of being in Real Estate, and clauses which we feel should be included in the lease.

Showing the property

When your property is available for rental then it is shown to prospective tenants. Our office will accompany all prospective tenants when the property is available for rental. Are you aware that some agents just hand out the keys to prospective tenants? We feel that this is a major security risk.

Signing the lease

Once an application is approved we will then ask the tenant to place one week's rent as deposit on the property. This is forfeited in the event the tenant changes their mind and is paid to you only if the property is vacant during this time. Once the tenant signs the lease then the deposit is transferred to rent. Our office will sign the lease on your behalf, (which is a part of the Managing Agency Agreement) and we will forward you a copy of the signed pages of the Lease agreement.

Inspections: After Tenant Taken Occupation

Inspections are carried out within the first 3 months and then 6 monthly thereafter. We take every opportunity to inspect the property especially if the tenant requires maintenance. We feel that the best inspections to a property happen when they are not planned.

Should you wish for us to manage, or make further enquiries for us to undertake the management of your Permanent Rental property then either contact our office or complete the details and email us under "Market Appraisal" in this tab.