Fingal Head

Fingal Head is the next suburb south of Tweed Heads over the river on a natural peninsula separated by the river one side and ocean the other. Fingal Head has a primary school, a caravan park, a surf club and a corner shop/ bottleshop.

Fingal was named after the mythical Celtic Giant Fingal who supposedly built the famous Giant's Causeway in Ireland. The likeness here is that Fingal Head has its own Giants Causeway, caused from hot lava flows from Tweed's Volcano thousands of years ago was rapidly cooled when the lava flow hit the ocean. This unique rock formation is located just below the Fingal Head lighthouse, a nice walk from Lighthouse Parade.

Fingal Head is popular for its almost deserted beaches as well as being an anglers paradise whether dropping in a line on the river side where you can park in the riverfront explanade or for a spot of beach fishing. Surfers are attracted to Fingal as well. Holiday letting is available here by calling 0266745888 or visiting

Fingal Head has a population of 543 residents, with an average income of $835. The median price for houses is $976,255 and the median price for units is $477,953. House prices in Fingal Head have grown by 27.57% in the past 3 years and 1.19% last year. Unit prices in Fingal Head have grown by 16.50% in the past 3 years. The average house in Fingal Head is rented for $1,201 per week and returns a rental return of 4.41%. The median weekly rental price on units is $555 and the rental return is 4.78%. Houses in Fingal Head take an average of 161 days before selling and the average time for a unit to sell is 79 days. There were 9 houses sold last year and 5 units sold last year in Fingal Head.

Source: in February 2017

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