Casuarina and Salt are typically developments of the "new Tweed Coast" and were first commenced developent in 2001.

This are covers 6km of the beachfront and stretches from the south side of the Kingscliff Bridge to just north of Cabarita Beach. Located at Salt (which is more commonly known as Sluth Kingscliff), are resort shops and dining out options and acoomodation options include the resort accommodation precincts such as Peppers Salt Resort and Spa, Peppers Bale and Mantra on Salt Beach. In Casuarina accommodation options include Santai Retreat Casuarina, Drift Apartments, Pandanus Pocket and Beach Shacks. There are also other holiday rentals available here by phoning 0266745888 or visiting

Casuarina has a population of 1661 residents, with an average income of $905. The median price for houses is $912,029 and the median price for units is $448,723. House prices in Casuarina have grown by 27.57% in the past 3 years and 1.19% last year. Unit prices in Casuarina have grown by 16.50% in the past 3 years. The average house in Casuarina is rented for $735 per week and returns a rental return of 4.05%. The median weekly rental price on units is $500 and the rental return is 4.20%. Houses in Casuarina take an average of 133 days before selling and the average time for a unit to sell is 81 days. There were 33 houses sold last year and 47 units sold last year in Casuarina.

Source: February 2017

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